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Answer your teacher's questions.

Part A

Listening activities

Listen to three people describing their jobs and write down what you think they do. Write down any vocabulary which helped you to decide:

  JOB? Key words
Extract one: Ivy    
Extract two: Heather    
Extract three: Stephen    

Listen again, and fill in the following information about each person.

complete this informal job description for Ivy:

Hours : ______________________________________________________________


Advantages of job:_____________________________________________________

Disadvantages of job:___________________________________________________

Imagine that Heather is making notes for a job description. Write down what you think she would say:



Personality necessary for job: ___________________________________________



Stephen is making notes to help the community police officer, who is doing his job while he is on holiday. Fill in the blanks with information from the text:

Далее: Andy Вверх: Before you listen Назад: Before you listen

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