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Before you listen


What is the promotion of women and men who work at primary school?

What jobs do men and women have at primary schools?

Part A General listening

Listen to the tape. Then read the following sentences. Are they true (T) or false (F)?

There are more women teachers, than men teachers in primary education, so there are more women heads.

Mary doesn't want to be a classroom teacher; she'd like to be a head.

Mary doesn't like her job very much.

Boys are never brought up to be more ambitious than girls.

Part B Detailed listening

Answer the following questions:

What has the interviewer read recently and what did it say?

What does Mary mean by the `Lower School'?

Why do men get promoted, and what does Mary want for herself.

Part C Extension activities

Now read the article. This is a part of a report from the `Times Educational Supplement' - a weekly newspaper for teachers of all ages and levels. Use your dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown words and expressions.

A West Yorkshire teacher could face disciplinary action following the publication of a scathing attack on the local authority's sex equality policy in schools.

Mr Peter Thorpe, head of maths at Highfield Middle school, Keighley, wrote a piece for the city's newspaper the Telegraph and Argus shortly after the city council announced its decision to appoint a sex equality adviser. Mr Thorpe said he felt the appointment of an adviser - to be paid Ј18,000 a year - was a waste of ratepayers' money.

`It is clear that in spite of the vociferous efforts of rampant feminism ... the great bulk of the population still acknowledges that men and women have natural leanings and orientations,' he wrote in the article. `It seems that the majority of girls are - many would think sensibly - following the traditional female role-model ...presented to them by their mothers and large numbers of early-years teachers.'

He argued that `career oriented' females should be stopped from imposing their value on others.

Do you agree with Peter Thorpe? Why?

How are Peter Thorpe's opinions in conflict with his local education authority?


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