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Part B

Listening activities

You will hear three people talking about their favourite sport. Match each of the extracts to the relevant picture (A, B, C, D, E or F).

Extract one: (Jo) ______

Extract two: (Brian) ______

Extract three: (Stephanie) ______

Read the following expressions. Before listening, see if you can remember or guess which description matches, which sport. Then listen again to see if you were correct. The first one is done for you.

According to the texts, which sport:

- needs a lot of energy squash

- is exciting _________________

- can be dangerous _________________

- is very popular at the moment __________________

- is fast __________________

- requires skill __________________

- can you not play for a long time because it is tiring __________________

- is expensive __________________ 3)

When did this people begin

playing their sport?

b) Do they still play now


(yes or no)?

Write down exactly what they say about the length of time they have played their sport. You will need to listen to this part again.


Brian: ________________________________________________________________

Stephanie: ____________________________________________________________

Далее: Part B Вверх: Unit 8 MY KIND Назад: Unit 8 MY KIND

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