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Extensive listening

Listen to the first part of the tape. Was your prediction right?

You were listening to the description of the main geographical features of the British Isles. Choose the right answer for the following questions:

a) The Pennines; b) the Welsh Mountains; c) the Scottish Highlands

1. What can we find to the north of the line? ____________________

2. What can we find to the south of the line? ____________________

Part C

Intensive listening

Listen to the second part of the tape. While listening match the beginnings and the ends of the sentences:

The South West is the most heavily populated part of Britain
Dartmoor is characterised by its mountains in the north and its valleys in the south.
In the South East is famous for its lakes, known as lochs.
East Anglia is inhabited by wild ponies.
The South East is very flat and famous for its vast fields of wheat and potatoes.
The Midlands is famous for its beautiful countryside and dramatic coastline.
Wales is famed for its rains and its rich green grass, its romance and its mists.
In the North East used to have a lot of mining and ship building, but not any more, unfortunately.
The North West the countryside is more gentle, and there is a lot of fruit-growing.
Scotland used to have a lot of heavy industry, but much of this has disappeared over recent years.
The North East There is the beautiful lake district, and cities of Liverpool and Manchester.

Part D

Extension activities

Television, films, books, etc. have probably given you ideas about what British people are like.

Describe the British using three adjectives.




Compare your characteristics with your partner's.

Travellers from all over the world noticed different characteristics about the British character. Find in 2 minutes the information that supports your prediction:

`For centuries the British have been known as snobbish, aloof, hypocritical and unsociable.'

`The British are said to be a polite and well-mannered people. Englishmen tend to be rather conservative, they love familiar things.'

`The English are practical and realistic, prudent and careful about almost everything.'

`The English are reputed to have a good sense of humour.'

`The Scots are said to be a serious people, rather inventive and somewhat mystical.'

`The Irish are known for their charm as well as for the beauty of the Irish girls'

`The Welsh are an emotional people but sometimes reticent'

`Every Englishman is said to be a countryman at heart. The English countryside is many things to many people. It stands for freshness, for leisure, fun and games.'

`The British people are considered to be the world's greatest tea drinkers. The drink it at meals and between meals.'

What words in the sentences above are used to describe the British? Write them down in 3 columns:

Positive Negative Other

Here is what people in different countries think about the British. Compare your list of characteristics with theirs.

  People, who hadn't visited Britain People who had visited Britain
Nice/ kind to foreigners 24 % 79 %
Friendly/ honest 27 % 29 %
Quite/ serious/ polite 33 % 37.5 %
Reserved (don/t show their fillings)/ cold 54 % 33 %
Unfriendly to foreigners/ conservative/ think they are better than other people 45 % 8.5 %

7) How would you describe Russian people? How would you describe yourself?

Далее: Unit 10 ENROLLING AT Вверх: Unit 9 THE BRITISH Назад: Unit 9 THE BRITISH

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