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Part B Listening

Listen to the tape twice and as you listen, complete the following registration form for the student who wants to enrol. (You will not be able to fill in all the information, as it is not all given on the tape.)

Registration form

Name _____________________ Age _____ Occupation __________________

Nationality __________________ UK Address _________________________

Length of course _________Number of hours her day ___ Course number ____

Course starting date ____________________

Price of course plus accommodation _________________________________

Accommodation required ______ not required _______

Amount of deposit paid ________________ Test result ___________________

Answer the questions:

What facilities does the school offer?

What kinds of teachers work at the school?

Check your answers with a partner.

Part B

Extension activities

Asking questions to enrol at a language school

Below are a receptionist's answers to seven questions from a student. Read the answers, then write the questions.

a) ___________________________________ _____________________________________? Three hours a day for three weeks.
b) ___________________________________ _____________________________________? Next Monday, that's August the 16$^{th}$.
c) ___________________________________ _____________________________________? Yes, with an English family.
d) ____________________________________? Ј600 including both the course and accommodation.
e) ___________________________________? Well, we have a swimming pool, tennis courts and a library.
f) ___________________________________? A maximum of ten students.
g) ___________________________________? Oh, yes: in fact you have to take it before you start the course.

Part C Role play

Scene: a language school reception desk in the UK in the month of August.

People: a student making enquiries and a receptionist giving information about the school's courses and facilities.

Work in pairs, with one person taking the part of the student and the other the part of receptionist.

Read through the card for your part only.

Receptionist's card

Your school offers four-week courses for four hours a day or two-week courses for seven hours a day in June, July, August and September. You also have residential accommodation with English families. Decide what other facilities your school offers and whether it has an entrance test. If the student decides to enrol you will have to fill in the registration card.

Registration card

Name ______________________ Age ____ Occupation ________________

Nationality __________________ UK address ________________________

Length of course ______________ Number of hours per day ____________

Course number __________ Course starting day ______________________

Accommodation required/ not required ______________________________

Price of:

Course __________________Amount of deposit paid __________________

Course plus accommodation________________ Test result ______________________________

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