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What happened

What did the boy do when he heard each noise? Draw a line between the noise and the boy's reaction.

a) The first tap i) He started to ring the police.
b) The bang ii) He really jumped.
c) The first cry iii) He didn't worry ...he ignored it.
d) The second iv) He nearly strangled his brother and sister.
e) The tap and cry together v) He jumped up and he was a bit frightened.
f) `April Fool! April Fool' vi) He started to check the window and doors were shut.

Part B

Extension activities

Here are some of the connectors the man uses in his story:

so and then just as because and now and after a bit when

Use the connectors to join these sentences from the story. Use each connector once only.

I settled down to listen to some music and read a book and _______________ I heard this sort of tap, tapping.

I didn't worry at first _________________ there's always noises in an old house.

I ignored it at first. _______________I heard a bang at the front door.

I jumped up ____________ I was a bit frightened by now.

It came again, a sort of Grraaahhhh... ________________ I was really terrified.

I started going round to check them and _______ I was checking I heard the tapping again.

I'd just started to dial _____________ the front door burst open.

Listen to the tape again to check your answers.

Do you know or can you invent any April Fool's stories or any frightening stories? Fill in the following table with notes about your story.

Background information

People ____________________________________________________________

Place _____________________________________________________________

Other _____________________________________________________________

What happened






Use your notes to tell one another your stories.

Part C


8) Write your story, using your notes and the connectors from 5) above.


In this proud land we grow up strong

We were wanted all along

I was taught to fight, taught to win

I never thought I could fail

No fight left or so it seems

I am a man whose dreams have all deserted

I've changed my face, I've changed my name

But no one wants you when you are lose

Though I saw it all around

Never thought that I could be affected

Though that we'd be last to go

It is so strange the way things turn

Part A

Before you listen

Read the text above, which is the first part of a song by Peter Gabriel and try to answer the following question:

What do you think has happen to this man?

Think of some adjectives to describe how he feels.

What kind of childhood do you think he had, and why is this important? What words does he use to suggest this?

Why do you think he uses the expression `proud land'?

What do you think `it' refers to in line 9?

The next verse of the song (below) is mixed up. In what order do you think the lines come? Write numbers 1-4 next to the appropriate line.

as daylight broke, I saw the earth _____

drove the night toward my home _____

the place that I was born, on the lakeside _____

the trees had burned down to the ground _____

What does this verse tell us about how the man feels? Why is there a reference to the `burned trees'?

Part B

Listening activities

Listen to the first half of the song once and check if you ordered the verse correctly.

What do you think the relationship is between the man and the woman?

What advice is she giving him?

Listen to the second part of the song and decide what the song might be about and what the title is. Have you changed your mind about question 1) e)?

Listen to the second part of the song again and fill in the gaps.

got to (1) _________________________out of here

I can't (2) _________________________ any more

going to (3) _______________________ on that (4) _____________________

keep my (5)_______________________ down below

(6) ________________________may come

and (7) _______________________may go

that (8) ______________________'s flowing

that (9) _______________________'s flowing

(10) __________________on to another (11) _______________________

tried hard to settle (12) ________________________

for every (13) _____________________so many men

so many men no one (14)____________________________

Part C

Writing task

Imagine you are a friend of the woman or the man in the song. Write a letter giving advice on what to do.


Write a poem or essay on the subject of unemployment in Russia.

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