Далее: Part C Вверх: Unit 1 A NEW Назад: Sue's notes (A)

John Adams's form (B)


Surname (Mr/Miss/Mrs)

Catering experience

Possible for interview?

Comments (if any)


Name ____________________________________

Present employer:

Name ____________________________________

Job ______________________________________

Interview date/ time _________________________

Exchange the information you have written down with your partner

Read and complete these mini-dialogues using what you remember from the text.

Operator: Hello, Woolworth's!

Sue: Ah hello. I wonder _____________________________the Personnel Manager, please?

Operator: Yes, certainly. If ___________________________ a minute I'll put you through.

Sue: Thank you.

John Adams: ________________________________experience in catering?

Sue: Yes ...I'm at present working for and ___________________________ the same firm for about five years, for a small firm of consultant engineers and ____________________________ work rather similar to the kind ...described in the advertisement.

c) John Adams: Perhaps _________________________________for an interview some time?

Sue: Yes, when ______________________________for you?

John Adams: ___________________________________next Wednesday?

Sue: Yes, I think _________________________________________fine, actually.

Now listen again and compare your answers in 6) to what is said on the tape.

Далее: Part C Вверх: Unit 1 A NEW Назад: Sue's notes (A)

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