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Unit 1. A NEW JOB

Part A. Before listening

1) Ask the students to read the headline for the job advertised and discuss what kind of job it is.

2) Let the students read the text and answer the questions in the exercise 2:

a) A store (store, merchandise, customer, shop);

b) Taking care of staff: maintaining catering standards; running the staff dining room; preparing simple hot and cold meals.

c) Write to or phone the Personnel Officer.

3) Ask the students to read the task of the exercise 3 and write at least three questions.

Examples: salary, hours, benefits, number of staff, holidays.

Part B. Listening activities

4) Let the students listen to the tape and ask them to find answers to the questions they wanted to know.

5) Let the students listen to the tape again.

This task is intended as an information gap activity: student A fills in Sue's notes and student B fills in John Adams's memo and then they work in pairs to fill in the information they haven't got. (Make sure the students write notes).

A. Salary: 75 (+) per week; hours: from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; duties: preparing and serving food at lunchtime; number of

staff: 15 to 20; interview: Wednesday 2.30.

B. Surname: Ms. Boardman; name: S (Sue); catering experience:

5 years; Present employer: Bloggs; Employer's job: consultant engineers; Interview time/date: Wednesday 2.30

6) Make students realize that there are several possibilities for

a) and c) and the version on the tape is not the only correct one.

7) Let the students listen to the tape again and compare their answers to what was said on the tape.

a) Operator: Hello, Woolworth's!

Sue: Ah hello, I wonder if I could speak to the Personnel

Manager, please?

Operator: Yes, certainly. If you'll hold on a minute I'll put you through.

Sue: Thank you.

b) John Adams: Have you (in fact) any experience in catering?

Sue: Yes... I'm at present working for and have been working for the same firm for about five years, for a small firm of consultant engineers and I've been doing work rather similar to the kind ... described in the advertisement.

c) John Adams: Perhaps you could come down for an interview some time?

Sue: Yes, when would be suitable for you?

John Adams: What about next Wednesday?

Sue: Yes, I think that would be fine, actually.

Optional activities: - Focus on stress pattern, weak forms and intonation in the intensive listening part. Students could mark features of connected speech, such as stress patterns, and then practice reading it in pairs.

Role play the interview between Sue and John Adams.

Далее: Unit 2. A DAY Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Учебное пособие

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