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Unit 4


Doctor: Hello Mr. White. What can I do for you today?

Patient: Well, I've got this pain in my ear, a sore throat and I keep losing my voice.

Doctor: Do you think you have a cold?

Patient: Er, yes, I do.

Doctor: Mmm, well go on.

Patient: Well, I was up on the roof all day yesterday you know.

Doctor: On the roof? What were you doing there?

Patient: Well, I was putting up a new TV aerial and I had a few problems. It was terribly cold.

Doctor: Oh. Go on.

Patient: Well, last night I got this throat and I started getting hot.

Doctor: Do you have a temperature? Have you taken it?

Patient: Yes. It's one hundred.

Doctor: Right, let's have a little look. Open wide. Mmm. Let's have a look at this ear. Turn a little, will you? Mmm. Mmm, That's good. Right you are, Mr. White.

Patient: Thank you, doctor.

Doctor: Right now. You're off home to bed for three days. On the way take it to the chemist. Take it three times a day after meals. Nothing to worry about. It'll clear up quickly tnough. All right then? [Yea] Cheerio.

Relaxation tape

These exercises are designed to relieve you of feelings of stress and tension. If you follow them properly, you will feel more relaxed.

Are you ready?

Sit back in your chair and put your feet slightly apart on the floor. Put your hands in your lap, one on top of the other with the palms upwards. Close your eyes. Keep your mouth

closed and take a deep breath through your nose. Now take another deep breath. Now, tense the muscles in your left leg by pressing your left foot as hard as you can on to the floor. Now, relax it. Now, press your right foot hard on to the floor. Now, relax it. Now, lift up your left hand and squeeze your fingers into your palm. Now relax your left hand. Now do the same with your right hand. And then relax it. Lift your shoulders as high as you can - and now let them fall. Turn your head slowly to the left - and now turn it to the right. And now bring it to the centre again.

Once more, take a deep breath. When you breathe out, make it last twice as long as when you breathe in. Now, take another deep breath. And now, another deep breath.

Now listen to your breathing. Try to think only about your breathing. If you begin to think of anything else, remember to think once more about your breath.

Далее: Unit 5 FIRST AID Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 3 THE TEACHER

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