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Man (M): London accent

Woman (W): RP accent

M: Hello, Sheila

W: Hello.

M: You went out, didn't you?

W. I did.

M: I can tell. You are looking half-asleep. (Bit sleepy) Did you enjoy it?

W: Oh, I did... a great deal. Did you?

M: Oh, I thought it was amazing.

W: I didn't see you there.

M: I was there! (I'm sure you were.) You didn't see me. I was there in the front row jumping up and down.

W: Well, there were about 10,000 of us...

M: I know, where were you?

W: Quite near the stage. Pretty loud.

M: You thought they were good?

W: Oh, I did, yes... marvellous.

M: I thought they were amazing, just like their record... We 11..

W: I thought they were better.

M: ... better. Yeh, I thought they were better too. Ah er... just that feeling of being in 10,000 or I don't know how many people there were...

W: About that much...

M: Being in a (Yes I know) huge great crowd...

W: I felt a little bit old... they were all (Old?) a good ten years younger than me.

M: Come on they weren't. Anyhow, you don't have to be fourteen

years old to go to a concert.

W: I know... it's just that we haven't been for ten years; it's getting back into the habit of going.

M: Well, there were all sorts of people...of all ages there, I thought. But an amazing reaction from the crowd too, wasn't it?

W: Fantastic, fantastic. That wonderful solo... what was it called?

M: Er. ..the one on... "Purple Night" ("Purple Night").. .when the base ...the base guitar goes up, then it has that extraordinary drum solo at the end. W: Wonderful. And then when they lit their lighters and matches at the end. ..that was a wonderful feeling, wasn't it? (Great; wasn't it?) Great!

M: I was exhausted by the end.

W: Me too.

M: I know... I went out afterwards... I kind of went out into the night, walked home and er went up to my bedroom and just played all their records, really, then I went to sleep...

W: Did you? No wonder you look tired! If you hear of any more, let us know.

M: Yeh, well, there are a couple of things coming up next month, which aren't definite yet, but if I can get tickets...

W: Oh great, will you?

M: Yes, yes, I'll let you know.

W: Oh, marvellous.


Friend: London accent

Storyteller: London accent

Friend: How did you meet David then?

Storyteller: Well, there was a couple of friends and I, we decided we wanted to go on holiday to Greece... just at the end of school. We hadn't got much money, we saved up, I did some babysitting, I worked in a shoe shop on a Saturday. We got some money together and we went off. Anyway, oh... the journey, oh. ..that's a story in itself. We got the train from Victoria, we went down to Dover, we got on the ferry to Calais (Yeh), we got on another train over to Athens. Now, that was where we went wrong because, well, at first, I thought we went wrong... got on the train to Athens and it was so crowded, you wouldn't believe it ...it was unbelievable... we had to stand all the way. We got to the Greek border, we... we... at the back of this train, there was an empty freight van, so we climbed into that, and honestly it was wonderful... it was the best way to see it... it was a really clear night and we travelled through the night and you could see everything and oh... it was (Great) wonderful, really good! Anyway, we had a few days in Athens... that was really hot and crowded, and then we decided we would go off on a cruise. And that's where I met David. He was there with some friends.. .he's American. .. he was there from the States. And er... we met, we danced a couple of times at the disco, and we went round the islands, and they came with us... we all palled up. And it was really nice... you know, typical holiday romance... And I thought, oh well, that's it, you know, won't see him anymore. I went back home and er he went off to the States and er... I suddenly got a letter! And he wrote to me, and next thing I went out and had a holiday over there, and he came back and had a holiday here... and, er, two years later we got married, and we've been together four years now... and it's really great, I've never, ever regretted it ... really fantastic.


Storyteller; RP accent

Storyteller: Yes, that's very frightening. I'm not usually scared of things like ghosts, but something happened to me a few years ago that really scared me. I was only a teenager then and, I was still at my parents' home, and I was sitting at home all alone one night. And it was one, of those horrible, cold, dark, stormy nights with rain and wind lashing the windows. And my parents were out. I think they were visiting friends. And my brother and sister were at the cinema. Or that's what they told me anyway. And I lived in this... well, we all lived in this huge house with an upstairs and downstairs and long, dark corridors. And although it was a house I'd lived in all my life and really liked, it could get a bit spooky. And I went into the sitting room and settled down to listen to some music and finish reading a book and after a bit, I heard this sort of tap, tapping, and I didn't worry at first, because there's always noises in an old house and I thought... there were trees near the window... and I thought it was the trees tapping against the window pane in the wind. So I ignored it at first. And then, I heard a bang at the front door.

And I really jumped, but then I thought, no, it's probably just a natural noise, just the wind. And then I heard a noise that I couldn't ignore. It was a horrible cry, a sort of Grrraaahh... it was... it was like someone being strangled. And I jumped up and I was a bit frightened by now. And I couldn't understand what the noise was, because the house is a long way from any other houses, and we don't have any pets or anything like that.

And then it came again, a sort of Grraaahh... and now I was really terrified. I thought there was some madman going round the house and trying to get in. So, I wondered if all the doors and windows were shut properly. And I started going-round to check them, and just as I was checking, I heard the tapping again and I heard the noise again. And I thought, there's no time to check the windows and doors, I thought I'll have to ring the police because this is really serious; And I picked up the receiver and I'd just started to dial when the front door burst open, and in came my brother and sister shouting: `April-Fool, April Fool!' I tell you I could... I could have strangled, them; I nearly did.


Don't Give Up

1. in this proud land we grew up strong
we were wanted all along

I was taught to fight, taught to win I never thought I could fail

2. no fight left or so it seems I am a man whose dreams have all deserted I've changed my face, I've changed my name but no one wants you when you lose

3. don't, give up 'cos you have friends don't give up you're not beaten yet don't give up I know you can make it good

4. though I saw it all around never thought that I could be affected thought that we'd be last to go it is so strange the way things turn

5. drove the night toward my home the place that I was born, on the lakeside as daylight broke, I saw the earth the trees had burned down to the ground

6. don't, give up
you still have us
don't give up we don't need much of anything

don't give up 'cause somewhere there's a place

where we belong

7. rest your head you worry too much it's going to be alright when times get rough you can fall back on us don't give up please don't give up

8. got to walk out of here
I can't take any more

going to stand on that bridge keep my eyes down below whatever may come and whatever may go that river's flowing that river's flowing

9. moved on to another town
tried hard to settle down
for every job, so many men
so many men no one needs

10. don't give up

'cause you have friends

don't give up

you're not the only one

don't give up

no reason to be ashamed

don't give up

you still have us

don't give up now

we're proud of who you are

don't give up

you know it's never been easy

don't give up

'cause I believe there's a place

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