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Part A. Before listening

The pre-listening task aims to help to activate student's passive vocabulary while answering the questions & making group survey.

Part B. Active Listening

While listening to the story students should make notes about worries of a man on holiday. The story is quite long. Play it in two parts as marked on the transcript. Use the first part (up to the point where the speaker has taken his precautions against fire) to establish the speaker's main worries.

After that introduce expressions like `fire regulations', `assembly points' etc. and play the rest of the type.

Key for the task 4: 1 - T, 2 - F, 3 - T, 4 - F, 5 - F, 6 - F.

Part C. Speaking

Write up `Each night my wife watched my preparations and made remarks which she considered witty' on the board and ask students to identify where the main stress falls. Discuss how the marked stress on `she' predicts he will think differently.

Encourage the students to retell the story in part of man's wife. Let them do it in pairs.


Before listening encourage the discussion of the questions a) and b) in task 1).

Possible answers:

The Highlands: beautiful mountainous area of Scotland. Edinburgh: has arts festival every year, Georgian architecture.

York: has a cathedral and very old part of town.

The Lake District: scenic mountainous area of England, with attractive lakes.

Stratford: birthplace of Shakespeare, has famous theatre.

London: capital of UK, many historic monuments and places, e.g. Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral, Houses of Parliament. Has lots of shops and stores and restaurants from all over the world.

Brighton: on the sea, lots to do there.

Chichester: has famous theatre.

Salisbury: has famous cathedral.

Torquay: seaside resort.

Wales: beautiful mountainous region of UK.

Write on the blackboard the advertisements:

* Fantastic holiday offers

* Fabulous fare reduction

* Cheap, cheap midweek trips to Stratford

* All inclusive luxary trips to Edinburgh

* Dread and breakfast in the heart of Wales

* Full board at the Hilton hotel, London

and questions: Where ... ? How ... ? How much ... ?

The students should read & try to predict what the tape will be about... Let three or four students read out their sentences to compare the predictions.

Part A. Extensive Listening

After listening to the text the students decide if their predictions were right.

Part B. Intensive Listening

While listening to the tape the students fill in the `Customer Reservation Slip' for the girl on the tape.

Key - Destination: Edinburgh

Means of transport: train

Price: 100

Price to include: all inclusive

Length of trip: 3 days

Accommodation: hotel

Board: bed and breakfast

After listening the students work in pairs to compare their answers.

Part C Speaking

This task gives practice in using tourist language and reading and talking about travelling.

Possible answers:

1. Yes sir, can I help you?/Yes sir, what can I do for you?

2. Where would you like to go?/Where were you thinking of going?

3. Well, what about Edinburgh?

4. Have you ever been ...?/What about going ...?

5. How much would it cost?/How much does it cost?

6. Fares, accommodation and full board.

7. When can I go?

Part D Group work

Divide your students into groups of four to do tasks 6) and 7).

Part E. Writing Activity

It might be done at home.


Part A. Before Listening

The tasks before listening aim to introduce students to the subject of the listening text and to possibly unknown vocabulary.

Part B. Listening Task

The students will listen to two friends talking about a concert, so they will hear a conversational language.

The 3) task is for general information.

Key: a) Where they were at a concert

e) A particular song

g) The crowd

h) A drum solo

Task 4) is for details: a - T, b - T, c - F, d - T, e - T, f - T, g - F, h - F.

Task 5). The students should decide which categories - Praise or Criticism - the words and sentences belong to.


c) amazing a) It was awful

d) great b) They are terrible

f) wonderful e) It's rubbish

g) They are fantastic h) I can't stand him

i) I love it

j) magic

Part C. Extension Activities

This part gives the opportunity to talk about the subject of listening and to use some of the language it contains.

The writing task might be done at home.

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