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Unit 12


Before listening

Tick ($\surd )$ the activities below that you like doing when on holiday.

a) Visiting monuments   g) Going to the cinema  
b) Going to exhibitions   h) Going to wine or bear festivals  
c) Going to markets   i) Going swimming  
d) Listening to live orchestras   j) Canoeing  
e) Watching traditional dancing   k) Doing athletics  
f) Watching regattas   l) Sleeping  

Compare and discuss your answer with a partner.

Below is a list of five countries and five cities. Can you show them on the map of Europe?

COUNTRIES: Holland, Switzerland, West Germany, France, Belgium

CITIES: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Brussels, Geneva

What do you know about the tourist attractions of any of the five cities above? Tell your partner.

Далее: Part A Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: S/

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