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Part A

Listening activities

On the tape is a radio programme for tourists travelling in the five countries above. Read the following list and then listen to the tape. Tick ($\surd )$ the items that are talked about on the tape.

a) traditional and folklore events   e) concerts and theatre  
b) emergency medical services   f) markets and fairs  
c) exhibitions   g) where to eat  
d) sports events   h) emergency car brick-down services  

Part B

Jigsaw listening

You teacher will divide you into three groups. Listen to the radio programme again. Write quick notes (the radio won't wait for you) in the boxes below about the main details (activity, time, duration, place) of what's on in the cities in your group.

Group 1: listen for Rotterdam, Geneva, and Stuttgart

Group 2: listen for Amsterdam, Brussels

Group 3: listen for Paris, Weisbaden

In your new groups tell one another the details of what's on in all the places. Write notes in your empty boxes on the places you don't know about.






Fill in the following sentences with the correct prepositions.

The exhibition will begin _____ Monday.

The museum opens _____ 10 am.

The exhibition will continue ____ fortnight.

The fair will finish _____ May.

Shakespeare's house is open _____ the morning and the afternoon

The Coliseum is floodlit ____ night.

The exhibition is not open ____ Sundays.

The company will perform every night _____ three weeks.

The swimming pool closes _____ October.

There will be a concert _____ the evening.

Part B

Extension activities

Imagine you are on holiday in France driving around in your caravan. You've already been in Paris for five days and are ready and are ready to go on somewhere else. You like nearly all the things radio has mentioned and would like to go to them. In pairs, plan the mornings, afternoons and evenings of a two or three trip departing from and returning to Paris, trying to take in as many of the events as you can, and of course, leaving yourselves time for some sightseeing and relaxing as well.

Part C Writing

8) Write a tourist radio service programme for Russia in summer.

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