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Unit 14


Part A Before you listen

What do you think about when you are on holiday?

Do you worry about your house?

Do you worry about the local food?

Do you forget about everything and enjoy yourself?

Find out what other students worry about when they are on holiday. Use this table to help you:

Student's name

The weather Not knowing the language The drinking water The food Loosing his or her passport Fire in the hotel

Part B Active listening

Listen to the first part of a story about a man's holiday. He has a lot of worries. Write down as many as you can.



Try to work out the meaning of these words before listening to the next part of the story:

Fire regulations assembly points alarm bell emergency


what to do in an emergency

If you see a fire, press the nearest fire alarm

Try to extinguish the fire, but if you are not immediately successful, leave the building.

When you hear the fire alarm ringing, leave the building by the nearest fire exit.

Go to your assembly point: High Street

Do not return to the building until told to by the fire brigade.

Make sure you know where the assembly points, fire alarms and fire exits are for your area

Listen to the rest of the story. Are this statements true (T) or false (F)?

The man knew exactly where the assembly points were. _____

The man put their passports, plane tickets and travellers cheques on the chair. _____

His fife found his precautions funny. _____

The couple woke up because of the smell of smoke. _____

The man leapt out of bed and got dressed at once. _____

The man forgot his sun hat. _____

What did the man forget?

Part D


Imagine you are the man's wife. You have just come back from holiday. Re-tell the story about the fire to a partner.


Part A Before listening

Make sentences with the words below:

Drums stage crowd lights bass guitar front row record

Answer the questions:

Who is your favourite group?

Which do you prefer, hearing your favourite group live at a concert, seeing then on TV or listening to their records?

Далее: Part B Listening task Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Any other details: ____________________________________________________

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