Далее: A 2 I WAS Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 14

Part B Listening task

Listen to the conversation on the tape to see which of the following points the speakers talk about. Tick ($\surd )$ the ones mentioned.

a) where they were at the concert f) the organisation of the concert

b) the singing g) the crowd

c) the lighting h) a drum solo

d) the dancing i) the noise

e) a particular song

Compare your answers with a partner.

Read the sentences below and in pairs decide if they are true (T) or false (F). Then listen to the tape again to check your answers.

Both the speakers were near the stage at the concert. _____

Both the speakers thought the group was better live than on record. _____

The woman hasn't been to a concert for fourteen years. _____

The crowd seems to have enjoyed the concert. _____

`Purple Night' contains a drum solo. _____

The woman liked seeing the lighters and matches lit up. _____

Both the speakers listened to the group's records after the concert. _____

Both the speakers are going to another concert next month. _____

Compare and discuss your answers with another pair.

Write the following categories in the correct column:

it was awful; b) they're terrible; c) amazing; d) great;

e) it's rubbish; f) wonderful; g) they're fantastic; h) I can't stand him;

i) I love it; j) magic


Part C Extension activities

Ask one another about the last concert you went to. You could talk about the following points:

- the name of the group or singer - the guitar playing

- your opinion of the music - the drummer

- the lead singer - the lights

- the crowd - the organisation of the concert

Write a letter to a friend telling about the last concert you went to.



Before listening

Talk to the others in your group. What does the title of this unit mean? When is this expression often used?

Judging by the title of the unit, which of the following eight kinds of story do you think the story on the tape might be?

a) a love story     e) an adventure  
b) a mystery     f) a bad luck story  
c) a travel story     g) a children's story  
d) a detective story     h) a tragedy  

Which is your favourite kind of story?

Part A Extensive listening

Listen to the tape. Which of the above kinds of story is this one? ______________________

Part B Intensive listening

Plot the steps of the story. In pairs, fill in as many of the blanks as you can. Then listen to the story again to complete and check your answers.

1. Some friends decided to go to ___________________ together. $ \to $ 2. They hadn't got ______________________ so they saved up.
$ \uparrow $   $ \downarrow $
10. They spent _______________ in one another's countries. Two years later ___________________   3. They ________________ a train to Athens.
$ \uparrow $   $ \downarrow $
9. She got a ______________from him.   4. They had _________________in Athens.
$ \uparrow $   $ \downarrow $
8. The girl went back home and he ____________ _______________ to the States.   5. They went off on a ___________________ and she met David
$ \uparrow $   $ \downarrow $
7. They all went round the ___________________ together. $ \leftarrow $ 6. They dances a couple of times at a _____________________

Decide if these sentences are true (T) or false (F)?

a) The girl saved all her money by babysitting.  
b) The train to Athens was so full that they couldn't get on it.  
c) They liked travelling in the freight van.  
d) They probably didn't like Athens very much.  

Part C.

Time connectors

In this story the girl uses the following expressions of time to show that one event happened after another, i.e. to sequence her story:

then next thing two years later

What other expression of time do you know that can be used to sequence stories? Write at least four in the blanks below:

a)__________________ b) ________________

c)__________________ d) _________________

Part D


Invent another love story, which starts off as a travel story. Include some of the time connectors to help you to show the order in which events occurred.

Далее: A 2 I WAS Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 14

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