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Extract one: The cleaner

I start work at - I come into work at eight o'clock and the first thing I do is collect my keys, then I go down to the common room, I sweep and I wash the floor and I also check the toilets and when there's no students in the classrooms I empty the bins and do the rooms and I also help over the canteen when the girl is off, to do teas and coffees, and I usually sweep the stairs and then wash them again and I leave off at 2 o' clock.

What I particularly hate is having to be at work at a certain time and leave off at $a $certain time and have to work to a pattern all the while, and also I do hate cigarette ends and dirty tissues about the floor. I think there's nothing more degrading that somebody got to pick a dirty tissue up that someone's used and also to pick cigarette ends up that've been in other people's mouths. If I was to get paid for every dog end I pick up I would be a rich lady.

What I like about my job is I am free and easy. I work on my own and so if I want to do something this day I do it arid if I want to do something the next day I do it. I find the students very very friendly. They will come and talk to you in their breaks or any spare time, and they will tell you all about their country, and it's very very interesting.

Extract two: A sales representative

The hours really aren't very regular although I work every day of the week Monday to Friday, but I don't start at nine till five, that sort of hours because I don't work in an office, I work from home. Having said that, some of the hours can be from seven in the morning till ten at night depending on if I get a lot of phonecalls during the week. So, having had the phonecalls I've got to go out and see them all over the place and for that, obviously, I've got to have a car, which the company supplies, er all expenses.

Some of the people that I go to see are quite awkward; urn, there are a lot of men, it's a very male-orientated business and a lot of men still feel that a woman's place is in the home and she should be tied to the kitchen sink and looking after the children.

Any candidate who comes for my type of job has to be outgoing, er fairy joyful, cheerful, they've got to be constantly smiling, eyes bright, questions answered and it's not the easiest, of situations if you've had a heavy session the night before.

Extract three: A policeman

I don't really have a typical day, er all days are different but on a day for me at work it would be typical for me to go in to my office er eight o'clock and liaise with other people who I work with in my office. On commencing the patrol of my area the other thing I've got to keep my eye out open for is anything unusual in the area, any abandoned motor vehicles that may have been stolen from somewhere else or indeed anything else that should need my attention. It also involves being seen in shopping areas, areas of schools, busy crossroads, and speaking as I say, generally speaking to people, going into shops and finding out if they've got any problems or complaints.

Another part of my job is, it doesn't just revolve round crime, it does also involve reg - you know traffic regulations though there are several ways you can go about that job without always having to take the person before the courts. Warning are often given, you don't, want, to, as an area community PC it's not wise to upset unnecessarily the people who you want to help you in order to do your job. This you've got to be conscious of all the time, and it takes quite a lot of skill.

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