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Unit 1 A NEW JOB

Operator: Hello, Woolworths'.

Sue: Ah hello. I wonder if I could speak to the Personnel Manager, please?

Operator: Yes, certainly. If you'll hold on a minute I'll put you through. Sue: Thank you.

John: Hello, John Adams speaking.

Sue: Ah good morning, Mr. Adams, er I saw your advertisement in the Saffron Waiden Reporter for a hostess (Oh yes) and I wondered if you could give me a few more details about the job.

John: Yes certainly. Er perhaps I should make it clear from the start it is, it is a part time job. (Ah) Er yes we would need you from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon roughly.

Sue: Yes, yes, I didn't realise that, actually. It wasn't clear in the advertisement.

John: Aha, Are you, are you still interested?

Sue: Well I am interested, but it would depend to some extent on what the salary is.

John: Yes, well we're offering about 75 a week (Yes) erm obviously this may be a little bit more if you have the right, qualifications and experience. (Mmm) Have you in fact had any experience in catering?

Sue: Well, yes, I have. Er, I'm at present working for and have been working for the same firm for about five years, for a small firm of er consultant engineers (Mmm yeah) and I've been doing work rather similar to the kind of work that I think er is described in the advertisement.

John: Yes, well, I mean we have a fairy small staff here, we're talking about fifteen to twenty people (Yes) so your duties will be sort of to prepare and serve the food at just at lunchtimes.

Sue: I see. Yes, I'm sure I'd be able to manage that - that wouldn't be a problem.

John: Yes well erm that sounds about right. Er perhaps you could come down for an interview some time?

Sue: Yes, yes, when would be suitable for you?

John: Er let me just have a look at my diary. Er yes, perhaps, what about, what, about next Wednesday at about 2.30 in the afternoon? Would that be all right for you?

Sue: Wednesday er 2.30. Yes, that, I think that would be fine, actually. That's OK.

John: Ah good. Yeah, and perhaps you could bring any qualifications you've got so we could have a look at them and er . ..

Sue: Yes, yes, OK,

John: Could you just tell me who you're working for at the moment?

Sue: I'm working for, er, Bloggses actually in the High Street-John: Right, OK, and could I just, have your name?

Sue: Yes, er my name, my surname is Boardman. That's BOARDMAN (Yeah) and my initial is "S".

John: Right, OK, S Boardman (Yes) OK OK Miss Boardman. Well, see you then next Wednesday at 2. 30.

Sue: OK. Thanks very much then.

John: Lovely. OK. bye.

Sue: Bye.

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