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Part A. Before you listen

The aim in questions 1) and 3) is to encourage interpretation of the text and for students to share their opinions, preferably in pairs or groups. Fluency is therefore much more important than accuracy, and it is important to stress to them that there is no one correct answer. It may be necessary to discuss with them the different meanings of proud and fight and the difference between win and beat.

Question 2) should also encourage discussion on how you predict the order based on cohesion.

Part B. Listening Activities

In question 4) play only the first part of the song (until the end of verse 7 in the transcript). Encourage discussion on the relationship between the two people, but it is very likely that they will not be able to do question 5) until they have completed question 6).

Task 6) requires very intensive listening. Let students listen to the second part of the song for several times.

Part C Writing

Writing task is to be done at home.

Key: 1) a) Could include failing exam, getting divorced, etc., as well as the real answer, unemployment.

b) desperate, rejected, alone, humiliated etc.

c) He was never taught to think or dream of rejection or failure (we were wanted all along/and were success and competition were important).

d) In an ironic sense: "proud" meaning wonderful, but also perhaps, the land itself is too proud to admit failure.

e) Unemployment.

Note: It is important to emphasize that these are not necessarily the `correct' answers - these are only interpretations.

2) The correct order is: a) 3; b) 1; c) 2; d) 4.

3) This verse tells us that he acted spontaneously (`drove the night') and is perhaps nostalgic for his childhood, or his past. The `burned trees' perhaps refer to his `dreams which have deserted' and the feeling of instability.

4) b) Don't give up.

6) 1. walk 6. whatever 11. town

2. take 7. whatever 12. down

3. stand 8. river 13. job

4. bridge 9. river 14. needs

5. eyes 10. moved


Далее: Unit 1 A NEW Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit A1 AND THEY

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