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Receptionist: RP accent

Girl: Spanish accent

Receptionist: Good morning, can I help ,you?

Girl: Good morning, I am interested in the English, lessons.

Receptionist: Yes, er-well we have two courses ...erm one is for three hours a day for four weeks and then we have another course which is more intensive ...that's six hours a day for two weeks.

Girl: Oh no, no, no, that's too- many hours. I want... erm; I want the three hours a day for four weeks.

Receptionist: Three hours a day for four weeks. Good, erm... could I have your name, please?

Girl: My name is Isabel Martinеz. Receptionist: Isabel .Martinez. And how old are you?

Girl: I am twenty-two.

Receptionist: Twenty-two. Could I have your address, please?

Girl: I'm staying in the Youth Hostel in the High Street.

Receptionist: Youth Hostel, yes... right. Would you want some accommodation? Do you want to stay somewhere else other than in the Youth Hostel?

Girl: Well, that will depend or) how expensive it is.

Receptionist: Mm, hm. Well, the course and erm the accommodation with an English family which includes bed and breakfast and a packed lunch and an evening meal is 600.

Girl: Oh, that's a lot of money. I don't think I can afford that... (laugh).

Receptionist: I'm sorry but it's very competitive with other courses (Erm). Other language schools offer the same sort of (Ahah) courses at the same sort of price.

Girl: Well, what do you offer me for that price... apart from the bed and breakfast and the... ?

Receptionist: We have a very good range of facilities, we've obviously very good teachers, well-trained teachers and very modern language-teaching facilities. And we also have TV and a video room, erm... cookery and pottery classes, tennis courts if you like to play sport... er... a swimming pool... er an excellent library, so the facilities are very good here.

Girl: I see, when do the courses start please?

Receptionist: The next course will be starting on Monday, that's this coming Monday which is... er July the 15th.

Girl: Right, erm, well yes, I'd like to take the course.

Receptionist: Good, right. Now you just need to do an entrance test, just so that we can assess your ability, so that we know which class to put you into (Ah). Would you like to do that now?

Girl: Yes, that would be lovely. Could I also ask you the... er...

the money. Do I have to pay it all now or can I pay in... - stages? $I $don't have 600 on me now.

Receptionist: Ah, erm... you, you'11 have to pay a 20 deposit now then (Yes) and pay the rest of the money on Monday morning before the c...the course starts ( Ah ha) ... at er ten o'clock.

Girl: Right and...

Receptionists: Can you do that?

Girl: Yes, I can.

Receptionist: Good, right, so, erm... I didn't' get down which country you're from. Are you from Spain?

Girl: Yes that's right, I'm Spanish.

Receptionist: I thought so... yes and what do you do in Spain?

Girl: I'm a student.

Receptionist: Ah, right, good...well, let's go along to the assessment room then and see how you get on.

Girl: Thank you.

Далее: Unit 11 TERMINAL ONE Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 9 THE BRITISH

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