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Announcer: You're listening to Radio Europe International. Welcome to our International Tourist Service, supplied by the tourist boards of France, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Listen in to this programme every day to find out what's on where to make the most of your holiday.

If you're interested in tradition and folklore, then today there are traditional games and dancing being held in the Vondel park in Amsterdam. These start at 2.00 pm.

For those who enjoy exhibitions there's plenty to keep you busy. At the Louvre in Paris an Impressionist exhibition starts today and will continue for the next fortnight. The Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels is in the middle of a month-long Picasso exhibition, and in Stuttgart there is an exhibition with a difference: an exhibition of traditional German food, with plenty to eat, of course. So, if you like your food or if you're hungry why not head for Stuttgart Town Hall from 10.00 am onwards?

Sports lovers also have a fine choice today with a yachting regatta beginning at 11.00 am - wind permitting - from Geneva on Lake Geneva, International Athletic Championships in the sports stadium in Amsterdam, and canoeing events on the Rhine at Weisbaden. And finally for this evening, most places have a long list of concerts and theatre. See Bruce Springsteen, for example, at Fyenoord Football Stadium in Rotterdam or a classical concert in the open air - the National Orchestra of France playing Beethoven's fifth symphony - in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris at 9. 00 pm.

There's much more available, of course. Should you require extra information, why not call Radio Europe International Centre. The number is 033-207632. I'll say that number again: 033-207632. And if you need information about children's activities, ring 033-207633. We'll repeat this service in five minutes in case you didn't catch any of the information you're interested in. This is the International Tourist Service of Radio Europe International wishing you a very enjoyable day.

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