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Girl: American accent

Travel agent (ТА): RP accent

Girl: Hello.

ТА: Be With you in just a moment, madam. Yes, now may I help you?

Girl: Yes, erm, I'd like to book a short holiday somewhere in Britain, I think.

ТА: Yes, of course, erm, were you thinking of any special place in particular?

Girl: Well, er, I don't know really, erm... Do you... can you recommend anywhere?

ТА: Well, there's London, of course.

Girl: Well, no, no, no, I've been to London already (I see), so erm, I mean, I think I'm looking for er theatres erm, some of your English pubs, erm...

ТА: Let me think now. There's er Salisbury, There's Chichester, Chichester's got a very famous theatre, of course (Ah, ah) York, very famous for its York Minster, the Cathedral (Yeh), Edinburgh, Edinburgh in Scotland...

Girl: Oh so, I've not been in Scotland before so, I mean, what have you got for Edinburgh?

ТА: Well, what sort of length of trip have you got in mind?

Girl: Er, well, I think I'd like to stay... gosh... just a few days really; (Yes) What I'd like. ..I think it would be easier if I had like... say a hotel, the board, the fare, sort of all inclusive to the trip...

ТА: Fine, fine, well, let me look that up. ..here we are...Exeter, Edinburgh, Now, then...now we've got a three day inclusive trip erm... that's by coach (Ahah) and that would cost you 92.50, about $150 (Ahah)... would that... what you had in mind? Alternatively, now just a moment, there's another three-day trip going by train, that's a tiny but more expensive...also what we call inclusive.

Girl: Yeh... erh, how much is that one?

ТА: That's 100, about $160.

Girl: Ah ha.. I think I'd prefer to go by train.

ТА: Right, (Erm), now erm...

Girl: What about the accommodation that goes with, that trip?

ТА: Well, that is inclusive. It means. ..It's a three-star hotel, which is pretty good quality (Yeh), right in the centre of town (Wonderful). We've had a lot of customers who've stayed there and they have been perfectly happy. Er, it is what we call bed and breakfast, though. Would that be all right?

Girl: Oh that would suit me fine, 'cos I'd like to go... I'd like to try some of that Scottish, food, that haggis, whatever it is... so... so, that...

ТА: Of course, so when would you like to go because this, trip, the train, three days, it's midweek only (Ah ha... well)... that would be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, (Yes, yes erm)... Would that suit you?

Girl: Wonderful.

ТА: All right.

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