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Part A. Before you listen

The main aim is to get teachers to predict what is likely to happen in a given social situation as an aid to understanding. Ask the students to discuss in pairs what information could the doctor want from them if they had a small health problem. Let them think of as many questions as they can. When they have finished let them compare their answers with another pair's.

Part B. Listening activities

Tell the students that they will listen to the conversation between the doctor and her patient. Let them listen to the tape. After listening the students should answer the questions. If necessary let them listen to the tape twice.

Part C. Role play

The aim of this extension activity is to use the expressions learned from the tape in conversation. This activity involves reading. Divide the students into two groups: group A - doctors, group B - students. Let them read personal information for each group and start a conversation in pairs using useful language in a frame. Let one pair role play a conversation between the doctor and the student for the group.

Part D. Writing

Writing task may be done at home and then worked out in the classroom.

Далее: Unit 5 FIRST AID Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 2. A DAY

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