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Pre-listening discussion questions.

The questions for discussion should highlight some useful vocabulary connected with this theme.

Part A. Extensive Listening

After the first listening the students should choose the best title for the extract (Key b).

Part B. Intensive Listening

Before the second listening to the tape let the students read questions 2 to 4. (Key: 2 - d, 3 - c, 4 - c).

5. While listening to the tape for the third time the students should complete the diagram by filling in the missing words.

Key: 1) soon as possible; 2) cotton wool; 3) press down; 4) 5 minutes; 5) wide open; 6) hold; 7) closed; 8) dressing; 9) clean; 10) doctor; 11) piece of wood; 12) bleed; 13) calm;

14) drink; 15) wet; 16) water.

6. Vocabulary work: a - 2; b - 1; c - 3; d - 3.

Part C. Additional Activities

7. Encourage discussion as much as possible in small groups. Then report back to the whole group.

8. This activity might be done in a form of a small group's project: poems, pictures, etc.


Pre-listening activities

The questions to be discussed would help the students to start thinking and talking about the subject of the unit.

Part A. Intensive Listening

Let students read the task before listening. Let them listen to Part A and answer the questions while listening.

Key: 1 - b, e, f, h and j.

Vocabulary: 2 - a) forehead; b) cheek; c) chin; d) throat;

e) chest; f) armpit; g) lungs; h) elbow;

i) stomach; j) wrist; k) knuckles; l) legs;

m) ankle; n) feet.

Part B. The students should listen to Part B of the tape.

3 - g) lungs; l) legs; n) feet.

Following instructions

Let the students listen to part B for the second time and do the physical exercise.

Part C. Additional Activities

The students might need dictionaries to find out unknown words. This task might be done at home in written form and then worked out in the classroom.


Part A. Before you listen

The questions in the task are designed to help students thinking and talking about art galleries.

Part B. Listening activities

1) The students should listen carefully for a specific piece of information.

2, 3) Vocabulary work. The second listening to the tape.

Key: 2 - a) the reign of; b) celebrity; c) merchant; d) to inherit; e) amour; f) pottery; g) miniatures.

3) 1 - f, 2 - c, 3 - d, 4 - a, 5 - e, 6 - b, 7 - g.

4, 5) Students should first do exercises 4 and 5, then listen to the tape for the third time to check their answers.

Key: 4 - a) in; b) in; c) to, by; d) by, for; e) of, by.

5 - a) The National Gallery;

b) Students and other young people;

c) Portraits of British monarchs;

d) The National Gallery of British Art;

e) Visitors of Tate Gallery;

f) The Wallace Collection at Hertford House.

Далее: Unit 8 MY KIND Вверх: Учебное пособие Назад: Unit 4 MEDICAL TREATMENT

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